Boulder, CO

   Several months ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Boulder, Colorado to do some research for a business endeavor.   Although I had spent some time in the state I had never been to Boulder.   Little did I know what an inspiration this experience would be!  

   After meeting my cousin Brittany in Denver for dinner and drinks, I made the easy 30 mile drive in my rental car to Boulder.   I arrived after midnight so I didn't get to see any scenery on my drive in.   

   The next morning I had meetings and a conference to attend at my hotel which lasted most of the day.   It wasn't until early evening that I was free to meet up with my friend Hayes, who is a local musician and songwriter, to explore the town!   Before we had dinner, Hayes insisted that we go to the creek because he said there was something he wanted to show me.   What I saw was not only such a surprise but it had such a major impact on me!   When we got to  Boulder Creek I couldn't believe my eyes......there, in the middle of the rushing water, were the most incredible free-standing rock formations!   At first I thought my friend was pulling my leg, but after closer inspection, I saw that in fact the stones had been stacked by very skilled artists who have been practicing this art form for years!   I kept asking Hayes how it was possible that these stones could stand so perfectly balanced without anything holding them up.   His answer was so profound, I'll never forget it, "Because, no one ever told them that they couldn't stand on their own!".   At the time I was dealing with some difficult personal issues and these words encouraged and strengthened me!   I feel as though God knew it was exactly what I needed to see and hear!   

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Ok before I get too deep and philosophical there's one more thing I'd to share from my time in Boulder.

     My friend Victoria suggested while I was there that I visit the   "Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse".   It was all she said it would be..........and more!   Besides the fact that I think it was the best pot of tea I have ever drank, the design of the Teahouse, itself, was amazing!   But perhaps even more amazing than the actual design of the hand-carved and hand painted walls, columns and ceilings is the history of the building!   The Teahouse was originally built in Boulder's sister city Dushanbe, Tajikistan (a small country between China and Afganistan It was then disassembled, shipped to the U.S. and rebuilt by artisans from Dushanbe! If you've never been to Boulder, Colorado I urge you to visit! The scenery is stunning, the art and music scene is fantastic and the restaurants are charming and delicious!