In Between Seasons "the green months in California"

   Being a California farm boy from the Central Valley and having roots that stretch back six generations of growing crops here, I know a thing or two about this fantastic state!   One might think the very best time of the year in California is the perfectly mild Fall weather that we have or our hot Summers with their intoxicating warm evenings perfumed with hints of ripening stone fruits and freshly cut alfalfa.   But my heart is always happiest in the "in between" season of late January through late March!   It's not quite spring yet and winter's loosening grip has not yet released us from the threat of a late frost!   

   It is only during this fleeting in between season that the word "green" can be used to describe California.   Although many people mistakenly believe it was the Gold Rush of 1849 which gave California its title of the "Golden State", it is actually the dry yellowish-orange native grasses that cover the millions of acres of rolling hills which makes this state golden!

   Recently, I traveled to the frozen East Coast but before I left I captured some photos of my favorite place during my favorite time of the year!   May these images feed your soul as they do mine!