Joe Richinelli: inspirational designer & friend


 Every once in a while we meet one of those totally inspiring individuals who we immediately connect with, they speak our language and we just know that this person is going to be a very special part of our life!   While this delightful occurrence is rare, it is far more rare to find just such an individual to also be wildly talented, accomplished and humble as well!   Several years ago I had the pleasure of encountering one such person and the good fortune of now counting that person as one of my dear friends!

    Joe Richinelli s a very talented event, interior, landscape and lifestyle designer (most people make a career out of just one of these fields), and although he would never boast, he has a very impressive client list in New York and the East Coast!   

   Joe's home is an early 1800's Federal style home, which he has completely renovated and restored, in Upstate New York!   I have visited Joe's fabulous home several times, but my most recent visit was special because a fresh blanket of snow had just fallen giving the place a particularly picturesque appearance!   Because of the snow the flock sheep, with their tinkling bells, were tucked in the cozy barn so I wasn't able to get a photo of them but I did get some great photos of the inside and outside of the Joe's fabulous charming home!   I know you will be as enchanted as I always am!